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Big Cat Rescue CAMPAIGN


Big Cat Rescue is an animal sanctuary in Florida devoted to rescuing and housing exotic felines, rehabilitating injured or orphaned native wild cats, and ending the private trade and ownership of exotic cats via educational outreach and legislation.



Big cat rescue doesn’t need donations, their biggest need right now is to stop the abuse of big cats at the source -- By putting an end to backyard breeding and the exploitation of big cats and their cubs. HR 3546 puts an end the private possession of big cats. None of the exotic cats in private possession serve any conservation purpose.  


Our goal is to target legislators (who have the power to pass the bill) and everyday people (who can ask their representatives to pass the bill) through OOH advertising.


Art Directors:  Ashly Paraham & Ashleigh Rynberg



We want to target Legislators in places where they are most vulnerable. We wanted to do a parking lot takeover to repaint the lines and show legislators what it's like for a tiger in a cage. 

The same for the bathroom. We would put decals of cages in restaurants popular amongst legislators to show them what it's like for tigers. 

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We want to specifically target people who own cats because we feel they would be more susceptible to the message we are conveying. We have designed labels to go on cat food cans to push people to take action. We have also designed an end cap display to give people a visual representation of tigers slowly becoming extinct.