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Capital One


Capital One is an American bank holding company specializing in credit cards, auto loans, banking, and savings accounts. 

During my time there I was on the Commercial Banking team, which was a part of the Branding team for Capital One. I worked across multiple lines of businesses including: Commercial Real Estate, Financial Institutions Group, Treasury Management, Healthcare, Corporate Card, and Capital Markets.

To the left are a few samples of my work. 

Pay for you One-Pager
Our team was tasked with creating a one-pager to showcase our pay for you services to potential clients. This service is actually a common one amongst larger credit card companies and our challenge was to market this as not a new service, but one that we have (even though it was not offered before).
White Paper
The commercial bank team frequently releases research papers (known as white papers) on various topics within the commercial bank realm. This is an example of one of the white papers that I have designed.
Email Template
The commercial bank team was going through a refresh of email templates and to consolidate the number of templates available. This is an example of the market recap template that I designed through Sketch and was implemented
shortly after.

An up-to-date portfolio can be provided upon request

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